Tristan Thompson Sextape Leaked Thru Instagram Model Page


It looks like the baby daddy of Khloe Kardashian is a cheating ladies’ man! The woman claiming she spent the night with Tristan Thompson in NYC this weekend posted and rapidly removed the sex tape and a series of text messages supposedly with the NBA All Star. Tristan was seen in a video with the woman, who goes by @ms. Stephaniee On Instagram, Saturday night walking to some resort.

Stephanie took to her IG story Tuesday night to expose Thompson. Within her articles was a sex tape supposedly showing she and Tristan participating in sexual intercourse. None of their faces are visible in the short clip. Stephanie also contained explicit text messages, supposedly from Tristan, one reads if I were there I’d catch u as you try to walk away from me than I’d pull ya hair and kiss you than tear ya garments off and put U down while I suck p and say sorry.

Than I will stick this long d*** in you slow, but deep. TMZ broke the story. Thompson was seen making out, touching and motor-boating two women on surveillance from a hookah lounge outside Washington D.C. At October. He and Khloe Kardashian are anticipating a girl together in the forthcoming days. Khloe has stayed quiet.

Watch the video:

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