Oscar Dela Hoya Confirms Golovkin vs Canelo 2 On September


Looks like the rematch is finally written in stone. We already told you Gennady Golovkin’s camp was targeting a rematch with Canelo Alvarez for September . And now Oscar Academy Award De La Hoya has verified that is the plan.

The Golden Boy touched down in NYC where we asked about his .1 fighter and the alleged tainted Beef that led to a favorable PED test, ruining plans for a May 5 rematch with GGG. Canelo is getting really the short end of the stick here since clearly he is a popular fighter and lots of individuals are gonna hate on him Oscar says. But he is was one of the cleanest fighters I’ve known.

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He’s passed numerous tests, and you know. It was very unlucky.” . Oscar Academy Award is adamant Canelo isn’t a cheater. And says there’s evidence beef has screwed all kinds of pro athletes in the past. We also asked Oscar the way he felt about GGG Jordan Brand advertisement that mocked the meat justification of Canelo. And clearly, De La Hoya wasn’t laughing! To me it is bullshit, Oscar said. As soon as they struggle in Sept, I will tell you one thing, Canelo’s gonna freaking wail on him.”

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