Trump Praises North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, Calls Him ‘Honorable’


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Trump has only good words to say about the dictator who has threatened to launch Nuclear weapons against other nations multiple times in the past.  The current US President commended Kim Jong-un and called him very open and very honorable on Tuesday, adding that the North Korean leader wants to meet as quickly as possible.” . We’re having very good discussions, Trump said, ahead of a summit with the mercurial Kim anticipated sometime before the end of June. He really was very receptive, I think, very honorable.”.

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Now, many promises were made by North Korea through the years, but they were never in this position, added the US leader, when he hosted his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron in the White House. We’ve been told directly that they’d love to have the meeting as quickly possible, Trump said, adding: We believe that is a good thing for the entire world.” .

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We’ll see where that will go, he said. Trump also reiterated he’d walk away from the talks with North Korea when they aren’t fruitful. Unlike past administrations, I’ll leave the table, he said. But I think we’ve got the opportunity to do something very special.” . North Korea pledged a week ago to stop tests as it prepares for a summit between Kim and Trump, but hasn’t dedicated to giving up its atomic weapons, which Pyongyang viewpoints as a shield against the Western overthrow of its authorities.

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