Woman Possibly Paralyzed After Dog Who Fell 2 Storeys Lands on her


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A woman sacrificed her ability to move for the life of a dog. One moment she was walking on the street, the next she was lying unconscious on the ground. A girl in Guangdong, China, was seriously injured a few days ago when a dog fell off a two-story building and landed on her. Her companion, another girl carrying a young kid, turned around to check on her and noticed the lips of the victim had become black. The dog weighed 20kg, the witness told CCTV News.

Woman seriously injured after dog falls on her

This woman hit the ground "like a bag of cement" after being struck on the head by a falling dog.

Posted by South China Morning Post on Wednesday, April 25, 2018

It scampered away unscathed since the girl had broken its collapse, surveillance camera footage showed. However, she wasn’t as blessed. A physician from the local clinic promptly called an ambulance.

In the hospital, doctors discovered that the second, 3rd, and bones of the woman’s cervical vertebrae were fractured from a stroke. This might induce her to become paralyzed, Southern Metropolis Daily reported. She’s now under observation in hospital. It’s unclear when the dog had an owner or the in what way it’d gotten into the building. Authorities said that investigations are ongoing.

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