BBC Reporter One Of The Casualties In Deadly Afghanistan Attack


Journalists and reporters put their life on the line so that we can get updated about important news and information. Ahmad Shah, 29, had worked for the BBC service for at least a year.

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In a statement, BBC World Service Director Jamie Angus said Shah was a “honored and popular” journalist.

“That is a devastating loss and that I send my sincere condolences to Ahmad Shah’s family and friends as well as the whole BBC News Afghan group,” he explained.

“We are doing all we may to encourage his family at this very difficult time.”

Khost police chief Abdul Hanan told BBC Afghan that Shah had been captured by unidentified men. He said authorities were investigating the motive.

Locals told the BBC that Shah had been on his bicycle when the attack happened. He was then taken to hospital, where he died of his injuries. He was at a place he was familiar with when the attack happened, the BBC’s News and Current Affairs Director Fran Unsworth said. Last year, Afghanistan was ranked the 3rd country in the world for journalists by Reporters without Borders. It said 9 journalists had been murdered in 3 attacks.

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Shah is the 5th BBC staff member to have been killed in Afghanistan since the country’s devastating civil war in the 1990s. The others are:

Mirwais 25, Jalil, who had been assaulted by four gunmen in 1994
Abdul Samad Rohani who had been shot dead in Helmand Province in 2008
Ahmed Omed Khpulwak, 25, who had been mistakenly killed by Nato-led forces at the year 2011
Mohammed Nazir, a BBC driver that had been murdered in a bomb attack in 2017
Khost, where the attack happened, borders Pakistan and was a essential theater at the conflict with militants following US-led forces invaded Afghanistan in the year 2001.

The Taliban still has a presence in portions of the province but attacks are rare today.

Elsewhere in Afghanistan, 26 people were killed in two bombings in the capital, Kabul.

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Nine journalists and photographers, and 4 cops, were among those killed, officials say. Some 45 people were reported hurt in the attacks. The initial explosion was completed by an attacker on a motorcycle. A second followed about fifteen minutes after following a audience, such as coworkers, had gathered at the scene.

The AFP news agency said the second blast had intentionally targeted the group of journalists, including its photographer Shah Marai.

The Islam State team (IS) said it had carried out the attack. The intelligence agencies headquarters had been the target, IS said in a statement released through its news outlet Amaq.

The Shashdarak district houses the Defence Ministry and also a Nato compound.

And at a 3rd attack, 11 kids were murdered in a suicide bombing intended to target Nato troops.

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