Former Model Eaten Alive By Parasites In Georgia


There’s a reason why you should be careful of a scabies infestation, just ask this former beauty who suffered a horrible fate. A Georgia nursing home resident who died from a scabies infestation is believed to have been consumed alive in the course of months or even years.

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According to your lawsuit filed by the household Rebecca Zeni died in 2015 out of scabies at the centre. The autopsy report shows the reason for death as due to crusted scabies. , State health officials were notified about a scabies outbreak in a nursing home several times, but didn’t inspect the LaFayette, Ga. Centre. A forensic pathologist who examined the case quotes millions of parasitic mites essentially ate Zeni alive over a few months or maybe years.

The family of Zeni say their mother lived the American dream. She worked in the Navy lawn, modeled in New York, and worked at a Television station in Chicago.

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Zeni’s daughter, who refused to be interviewed on camera, says she moved her mother to Shepherd Hills Nursing Home in 2010. Health records show that Zeni suffered from dementia. I don’t know how you are able to allow a human being to suffer needlessly, stated Mike Prieto, one of the two lawyers representing Zeni’s family in a lawsuit against Pruitt Health, which operates at Shepherd Hills Nursing Home. Scabies is a treatable, although debilitating skin ailment caused when parasitic pests burrow into your skin, put eggs and survive from your entire body.

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Images of Zeni before her death show off skin flaking and one of her hands. Stephen Chance, another lawyer representing the family, claims staff were told to not touch Zeni’s hand. There was a conversation at this nursing home with a healthcare provider about being cautious about touching Ms. Zeni’s hands for fear that it might fall off her body, claims Chance in an interview. Forensic pathologist Dr. Kris Sperry, former Chief Forensic Pathologist in The Georgian Bureau of Investigation, examined Zeni’s autopsy report. He says he is personally conducted over 6, 000 autopsies and has supervised over 80, 000 others.

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This is among the most horrendous things I have ever seen in my profession as a pathologist, Sperry said. Sperry estimates hundreds of millions of bugs lived inside Zeni during the time of her death. He doesn’t think it is exaggeration to assume that she was basically eaten alive and that she died a painful death. Having seen what I have seen with Ms. Zeni, I think that’s frankly a fantastic characterization, said Sperry. I’d consider calling this type of murder by fail. Pruitt Health’s chairman, communications manager and a lawyer representing the company didn’t respond to request for comment. Based on a response to the lawsuit, Pruitt lawyers denied all the assertions highlighted in Zeni’s lawsuit, writing denies that it’s a medical or healthcare provider and it, therefore, owed no legal obligation to Plaintiff or Ms. Rebecca Zeni for which it might take place liable in this litigation.

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