Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Meet The Pope


Well there’s something you never thought would happen. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom met with Pope Francis on Saturday in the Vatican in the United to Cure event, an international conference on the Treatment for cancer.

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Perry was one of the speakers. She wore a black outfit, complete with a black color hat and veil. Bloom wore a white and black suit. 41, Bloom, 33, and Perry, have dated on and off at the past and are rumored to have rekindled their love a couple of months ago.

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They’ve been seen together often times since they announced they were taking area following 10 months of dating. They’ve not commented on the status of their current relationship, but at an Instagram Stories video posted earlier on Saturday, Perry called Bloom her darling.

The two also attended the conference with her manager, tutor Bob Roth, the Chief executive officer of the a meditation nonprofit David Lynch Foundation, and her mother, Mary Perry. The singer’s parents are Evangelical pastors.

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The pop star talked to the event about how she utilizes transcendental meditation instead of prescription medication to take care of her nervousness and stress. She’d said she anti nervousness medication to deal with preexisting phase nerves. It’s helped a lot with my nervousness. Rather than needing to turn to prescription I have was able to turn to this, she said in the conference, according to Newsweek. It will help incredibly with jet lag, and we did this morning at 7 o’clock, she said, joking, And for the Italians it helps with the hangovers.

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