The Voice Contestants Fall In Love: Who Is Britton Buchanan’s Girlfriend?


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Looks like two people found love on the set of the singing reality competition! Britton Buchanan is among the frontrunners this season on The Voice season 14 and he’s opening about the way he fulfilled girlfriend Livia Faith. The two listeners met in the blind auditions plus they both ended up on Team Alicia!

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I’ve got a girlfriend. She was on your group. Livia Faith, Britton told the coach when she asked who he’d dedicate his execution of Ed Sheerans Perfect, to during the live show. This song is about being in a relationship in a really young age. My girlfriend, Livia Faith, we met in the blind auditions. I was very nervous to ask her for that I am not a ladies man.

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I sent her these chocolate covered garden strawberry and a bit message was left by me. I was very pleased she said yes. She was really satisfied with her chocolate coated strawberries too! explained. We met each other in September, a long time ago. Britton said in an interview with Parade. I said it is a very long time, however it does not seem like a long time. It doesn’t. Whenever you think about that, we have been doing this show a year, we have all known each other and lived with one another on and off for a year.


It has was crazy, but yes, it’s amazing. I think she could be coming out to see me. We get two or three comp tickets, so she will be flying outside. Livia was removed from the show throughout the battle rounds.

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